New Smoking Safety Guidance from CMS – S&C: 12-04-NH

The Centers for Medicare and Medicaid Services (CMS) recently issued guidance on smoking safety in long term care facilities.  S&C: 12-04-NH describes that CMS is “revisiting” smoking safety in long term care facilities.  The guidance directs facilities to complete smoking assessments of capabilities and deficits to determine whether supervision is needed for smoking.  Providers should review the guidance and takes steps to assure that residents are safe while smoking.  There have been a number of significant injuries and deaths related to smoking in long term care facilities and this guidance highlights CMS’ concerns regarding the risks related to smoking.  Providers must take approprirate steps to assure resident safety while upholding residents’ preferences to smoke.  

You can get a copy of the guidance here —-> S&C: 12-04-NH

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