Highlights of OIG Semi-Annual Report

Some of the highlights of the OIG’s Semi-Annual Report for April through September 2011 include expected recoveries of $5.2 billion dollars with $627.8 million in audit receivables and $4.6 billion in investigative receivables.    Also, the OIG reported for fiscal year (FY) 2011 a list of 2,662 individuals being excluded from participation in federal health care programs.  723 criminal actions were prosecuted against individuals or entities and a number of civil lawsuits were also initiated.  The Semi-Annual Report highlights the incarceration of one physician with a 235 month sentence and an order to pay at least $11.7 million in restitution.  The physician operated a HIV clinic for Medicare beneficiaries which resulted in submission of claims for medically unnecessary services or services that were never provided.  Several other c0-defendants were also convicted with sentences of lengthy prison terms for their participation in the fraudulent scheme.

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