CMS Issues 2012 Nursing Home Action Plan

The Centers for Medicare and Medicaid Services (CMS) recently announced the issuance of the 2012 Nursing Home Action Plan (S&C:12-39-NH).  The 39 page action plan focuses on goals of further improvement of nursing home quality.    The plan outlines three objectives:  1) better care for individuals; 2) better health for the populations; and 3) lower cost through improvement.  The three objectives are further discussed with five strategic actions areas:

1.  Enhance consumer engagement

2.  Strengthen the survey process, standards and enforcement

3.  Promote quality improvement

4.  Create strategic approaches through partnerships

5.  Advancing quality through innovation and demonstration.

CMS provides a discussion of a variety of programs and systems under each of the action areas.  Timelines are provided by CMS for issuance of various guidance and completion of tasks.  The long term care community and consumers should be aware of the focus of CMS and its partners in the coming year and the changes and potential impact that CMS’ actions will have on long term care being provided around the country.

You can find a copy of the CMS 2012 Nursing Home Action Plan Here —> CMS Action Plan

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