CMS Proposes Covering Additional Telehealth Services

On July 6, 2012, the Centers for Medicare & Medicaid Services (CMS) issued a proposed rule expanding Medicare coverage for services delivered via a telecommunications system, which are commonly known as telehealth or telemedicine services.   The additional telehealth services that CMS proposed to cover, effective January 1, 2013, are:

  • Alcohol and/or substance abuse and brief intervention services.  CMS added CPT Codes G0396 and G0397 to cover these services;
  • Alcohol misuse screening and behavioral counseling: CPT Codes G0442 and G0443;
  • Adult depression screening: CPT Code G0444;
  • Screening for sexually transmitted infections (STIs) and high intensity behavioral counseling to prevent STIs: CPT Code G0445;
  • Behavioral therapy for cardiovascular disease: CPT Code G0446; and
  • Intensive behavioral counseling for obesity: G0447.

The proposed rule amends 42 C.F.R. 410.78 and 42 C.F.R. 414.65.  The full text of the proposed rule can be found here —> Telehealth Rule


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