Feds Start New Public-Private Partnership to Combat Health Care Fraud

In a July 26, 2012 press release, U.S. Health and Human Services Secretary Kathleen Sebelius and U.S. Attorney General Eric Holder announced the launch of a new public-private partnership among the federal government, State officials, private health insurers, and other health care anti-fraud groups to prevent health care fraud.

The partnership is a voluntary collaborative arrangement aimed at combating health care fraud. The partnership is designed to share information and best practices between the government and private organizations in order to improve detection and prevent payment of fraudulent health care claims. The ultimate goal is to reveal and halt scams across public and private payers.

The partnership is expected to share information on specific fraud schemes as well as geographical fraud hotspots so that action can be taken to prevent losses to both government and private health plans before they occur. The partnership is also expected to share claims information in an effort to stop payments billed to different insurers for care delivered to the same patient on the same day in two different cities.

The partnership will also seek to use sophisticated technology and analytics on industry-wide healthcare data to predict and detect health care fraud schemes.

The work of the partnership is expected to begin in September 2012

More information on the partnership can be found here —-> HHS Press Release

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