CMS Announces Discontinuance of the HHABN in Transmittal 2782

On September 6th, 2013, in its Transmittal 2782, CMS announced the discontinuance of the use of the HHABN.  Advance Beneficiary Notices of Noncoverage or ABNs are required to be issued by providers in order to inform medicare beneficiaries about possible non-covered services/charges. Transmittal 2782 announces that home health agencies (HHAs) will  discontinue the use of HHABNs (Form CMS-R-296, the specific form for HHAs) and starting in December will use the ABN (Form CMS-R-131) for liability notification. The transmittal provides instructions for HHAs on the use of the ABN and also provides some clarification to the manual instructions on ABNs  in Medicare Claims Processing Manual (Pub. 100-04), Chapter 30, Section 50.

You can find a copy of the transmittal at here –> CMS Transmittal 2782

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