OANO Releases the 2014 Ohio Nonprofit Sector Report

The Ohio Association of Nonprofit Organizations (“OANO”) recently released the 2014 Ohio Nonprofit Sector Report. This report, which Benesch was pleased to sponsor, provides analyses of recent Form 990 data reported by 501(c)(3) organizations in Ohio with at least $50,000 in revenue. It has a wealth information about the state of, and trends in, the Ohio charitable nonprofit sector including data analysis about the number of organizations serving Ohioans, the different industries in which these organizations operate, expenditure information, as well as aggregate wage and employment information for charitable nonprofit organizations relative organizations in other industries.

Below are some highlights from the Ohio Nonprofit Sector Report:

  • Expenditures for reporting charitable nonprofits in 2011 was $70.8 billion. Expenditures have steadily grown over time and in 2011 amounted to over 14.6% of GDP.
  • In 2013, Human Services Organizations made up 24%, and the largest segment of, Ohio’s reporting charitable nonprofits. The second largest sector was Education, which made up 17% of Ohio’s reporting charitable nonprofits.
  • Ohio’s nonprofit sector is the fourth largest industry in the state in terms of employment.
  • The average charitable contribution in Ohio in 2011 was $2,882 which was less than the national average of $3,511.

The entire 2014 Ohio Nonprofit Sector Report is available here.

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